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Resin type of technology and pollution prevention present time:2016-12-12

Resin is usually refers to the softening or melting range after the heat, softening under the action of external forces tend to flow, at room temperature is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes can be liquid organic polymer.
    Pollution prevention:
    (1) do a good job of refinery two water sources of chemical oxygen demand CODMn monitoring.
    (2) to strengthen the clarification of clarification pool clarification work to improve the removal of suspended solids in raw water and organic matter efficiency of plastic. The chemical oxygen demand (CODMn) of the first grade desalination water is controlled at <1mg / l.
    (3) can be considered in the front of the bunk bed set up a waste filled with a strong alkali resin anion scavenger.
    (4) every 6-12 months, the recovery of anion exchange resin treatment time, to avoid serious pollution of the resin when dealing with organic matter.
    Process Type:
    Resin: resin green hot drilling the main product lines are: resin green hot drilling, resin, resin hot drilling, resin green hot drilling, imitation Austria cut the middle section drill drill, imitation Austrian drilling, shaped drill, smooth drill, water droplets, heart Shaped, Ma eye, peach heart drilling, round, and so on all kinds of resin hot drilling.
    A variety of hot resin drilling and imitation Austrian side cut drill drilling section of the Middle East, the use of imported technology, full range, first-class quality. It has the advantages of high precision, good brightness, angular and clear, easy to wear, difficult to scratch, rich in color, diverse in shape, environmental protection and so on. It can produce various kinds of shapes such as resin surface drill, smooth resin and profiled resin drill.


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