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Development Status and Prospect of Unsaturated present time:2016-12-12

 China's UPR production, consumption has been ranked first in the world, the production capacity of 2 million tons / year, the output of more than 100 million tons / year, the United States in 2004 output of 870,000 tons. "15" during the successful development of air-dry gel coat, high-toughness mold gel coats, UV curing resin and gel coat. Gelcoat resin annual output of more than 12,000 tons. The production and sales volume of m-phenyl resin and vinyl ester resin increased by 10 times and 5 times respectively compared with the period of the Ninth Five-Year Plan.
Unsaturated polyester resin used in curing agent varieties and production increased rapidly. Only MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) annual production has reached 20,000 tons. Traditional cyclohexanone peroxide (HCH) production and sales of less than 1,000 tons, there are a small amount of liquid HCH market for piano coatings and other demanding office. TBPB (t-butyl peroxy benzoate), TBPO [t-butyl peroxy (2-ethyl) hexanoate], TBHP (t-butyl hydroperoxide) And the newly developed initiator, to improve the production efficiency and improve the appearance of the product quality.
Accelerator with an annual output of 15,000 tons. Commonly used cobalt naphthenate (commonly known as "cobalt naphthenate"), cobalt isooctanoate, colorless accelerator (including naphthenate cobalt, containing naphthenate potassium, containing naphthenate copper, etc.) in three. Because naphthenic acid is the oil fractionation of fatty acids, due to the nature of crude oil and different fractions, the resulting molecular weight is different, with its production of cobalt salt content is difficult to accurately guarantee, so this year the amount of declining trend, less than 10% of accelerator sales. Cobalt isooctanoate stable performance, production and sales of more than 60%. Artificial stone and other products using colorless accelerator, the market accounted for all the accelerator sales of about 20%.
China is rapidly moving toward more sustainable development, and resin companies have been working to promote this shift. We are increasing investment, the ongoing production capacity to upgrade, to produce more high-end water-based products. At the same time, we are also increasing the local R & D capability of the local sustainable coating solutions development team to achieve a strategic shift from 'Made in China' to 'China Design and Development'. The release of the waterborne strategic theme for resin companies will show the industry that the shift from solvent-based products to water-based products is not as complex and expensive as many people imagine. In fact, this change is very simple, because the industry already has a corresponding, effective technology. "
Last year, the resin business implemented a number of projects to promote the coatings, ym1_tb adhesive and printing ink market for sustainable development. Among them, the most noteworthy is the resin industry enterprises associated with the industry to set up industry pioneer organizations - water platform (China) (WBCP). To lead the water-based solutions in public transport and other targeted industries to lay a solid foundation.
The Chinese government is also actively fulfilling its commitment to sustainable development and has adopted a number of policies. Ministry of Environmental Protection has the VOC content of over 75% of the nitrocellulose (NC) coatings included in the "high pollution, high environmental risk" double high product directory, while water-based wood coatings as one of the recommended environmentally friendly products to promote. The State Administration of Work Safety has also issued a circular calling for the management of wood furniture manufacturing enterprises in the country there is a highly toxic material hazards.
Resin companies in water-based paint technology has laid a solid foundation, well prepared to lead the industry to accelerate from the solvent-based products to water-based changes. The introduction of government-related industry legal norms will make our water-based strategy for the successful implementation of a greater forward momentum.


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