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In a rising voice in the powder coating present time:2016-12-12

China's various types of powder coatings in 2015 prices steadily, by the low of raw materials in the positive, more objective profit margins. But after entering 2016, especially in the second half of the powder coating raw materials have emerged in different ranges of growth, powder business profit margins are compressed. With Akzo Nobel, Yishi Huajia announced price increases, the industry price increases or will become an inevitable trend.
First, the titanium dioxide industry along with the raw material prices of titanium concentrate support and strong demand at home and abroad, and the supply side of the superposition of environmental policies to accelerate the small and medium capacity to exit, the industry supply and demand pattern continues to improve, the domestic market price of titanium dioxide into 2016 after continued to rise. With the recent Huntsman price increases, not only the domestic titanium dioxide enterprises, other international titanium dioxide enterprises will raise prices on the agenda.
Into 2016, the powder coating with epoxy resin by the main raw material price of bisphenol A substantial increase in the overall price of about 10% compared with the beginning of the rise. At the same time as the environmental pressure increases, the cost of late epoxy resin may rise further.

 Polyester resin enterprises in the difficult to digest raw materials, especially the rise in pressure caused by neopentyl glycol, some companies have recently chosen to raise prices. With the large number of polyester production capacity of the new market, the price increase may accelerate the industry reshuffle.
Due to weather and environmental reasons, the overall production from 6,7 months affected, making the market TGIC supply less than demand, resulting in a certain degree of shortage, a time TGIC become very tight, the price of polyester resin curing agent TGIC due to weather and environmental reasons, But also rising. It is understood that with the recent resumption of normal production of major manufacturers, ex-factory prices remained stable, but the market price is still maintained at a high level, and a cargo is hard to find. There are a variety of factors: TGIC's sales strategy (large customers and old customers), powder prices are expected to bullish inventory, and some traders hype and so on. From the market as a whole, 2016 TGIC added nearly 10,000 tons of production capacity, hope the industry rational view.
In addition to raw materials, manpower, logistics and transportation costs also further compression of the powder coating enterprises profit margins.
In summary, in the macroeconomic environment is not clear, raw materials, transportation, environmental protection and other costs of rising pressure to the powder coating business who, in ensuring the quality of products under the premise of price increases is unavoidable. Akzo Nobel announced the first price increases, the latter is bound to have more business follow-up, the entire industry will have any effect is still unknown. But with the rising raw material prices, powder enterprises should control the raw materials into the plant off, beware of some of the lower prices on the market, "shoddy" products, while the control of powder coating factory quality, Strict out. " In ensuring the quality of products under the premise of the price pressure will pass to the downstream, the common industry to maintain good reputation.


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