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Factors Affecting the Degree of Curing of present time:2016-12-13

 Unsaturated polyester resin curing is a linear macromolecule through the role of cross-linking agent, the formation of three-dimensional network process, but the curing process does not consume all active double bonds in the resin to achieve 100% degree of curing. In other words, the curing degree of the resin is difficult to achieve completely. The reason is that the latter part of the curing reaction, a sharp increase in the viscosity of the system so that the diffusion of the points were blocked reasons. Generally can only be based on material properties tend to be stable, they are considered to be cured completely. The degree of curing resin on the performance of glass fiber greatly affected. The higher the degree of curing, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, mechanical properties and physical and chemical properties into full play. (Some people have done experiments on the UPR resin curing the different stages of the physical properties of the test results show that the bending strength with time without growth, until a year after stabilizing. After one year, the mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic products have begun to decline due to the heat and light aging and the corrosion of the medium.
  There are many factors that affect the degree of curing, the resin itself, the components, the amount of initiator, accelerator, curing temperature, curing temperature and curing time can affect the degree of curing polyester resin.


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